Tao Te Ching Chapter 23

Nature says few words:

Hence it is that a squall lasts not a whole morning.

A rainstorm continues not a whole day.

Where do they come from?

From Nature.

Even Nature does not last long (in its utterances),

How much less should human beings?


Therefore it is that:

He who follows the Tao is identified with the Tao.

He who follows Character (Teh) is identified with


He who abandons (Tao) is identified with abandonment (of


He who is identified with Tao -

Tao is also glad towelcome him.

He who is identified with character -

Character is also glad to welcome him.

He who is identified with abandonment -

Abandonment is also glad t welcome him.

He who has not enough faith

Will not be able to command faith from others.

Tao Te Ching