Tao Te Ching Chapter 16

Attain the utmost in Passivity,

Hold firm to the basis of Quietude.


The myriad things take shape and rise to activity,

But I watch them fall back to their repose.

Like vegetation that luxuriantly grows

But returns to the root (soil) from which it springs.


To return to the root is Repose;

It is called going back to one's Destiny.

Going back to one's Destiny is to find the Eternal Law.

To know the Eternal Law is Enlightenment.

And not to know the Eternal Law

Is to court disaster.


He who knows the Eternal Law is tolerant;

Being tolerant, he is impartial;

Being impartial, he is kingly;

Being kingly, he is in accord with Nature;

Being in accord with Nature, he is in accord with Tao;

Being in accord with Tao, he is eternal,

And his whole life is preserved from harm.

Tao Te Ching